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By completing the application below you will be entered into consideration for the Caddie and Leadership Academy. Once your information is captured in this system it is final and by clicking SUBMIT APPLICATION you attest all information is true and valid to your application. All fields required are text or pulldown, but we do ask that you provide your most recent school transcript. You can download an electronic copy below or you can take a picture of your transcript with your phone and attach (please assure dates and grades are viewable if taking a picture). Once you apply a representative will be in touch to review your application. Expect contact, either by email, text or phone within 1-2 weeks.
This application will time out in 20 minutes. It is suggested to gain all information required, including grades, transcripts, resume, and references, then refresh this page and begin input.
First Name:   MI
Last Name:  
Parents Name:
State:       Zip:
Phone: - -
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Anticipated H.S. Graduation Year:
Family Income:
Past Caddie Experience:
Desired Course Location:
Can you commit to the full 8 week program as stated?
Can you commit to working ALL weekends over the 8 week program?
Do you have transportation?
What is your current High School Grade Point Average?
Attach most recent school transcript:
Input all work, volunteer, school, caddie, golf and extracurricular experience (text only - resume of qualifications):
Briefly explain why you are interested in the Caddie and Leadership Academy and why do you think you would be a good candidate - PLEASE include 2 reference names with contact information
Once you complete all required fields and click “Submit Application” you will be in consideration for the Caddie and Leadership Academy. By clicking “Submit Application” you attest that all information is correct and true.

THANK YOU for your interest in the Caddie and Leadership Academy!

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